OCTOBER 18: The cold in Brussels / at Bristol / U2 open with MLK / a birthday cake to Morleigh / Bono hosts a dinner at his home for Nobel Peace Prize winner John Hume / Bono visits The Hill / Photo of Bono and Pope John Paul II (wearing Bono´s sunglasses) appear / U2 won Best Single for 'Vertigo' / Bono today in the Court (Nana Mouskouri) / U2 Launch Internet Scavenger Hunt for 'U218' Lyrics!

"Boy" tour - october 18, 1980. U2 perform in Brussels, Belgium at the Klarick. All band members are now suffering from Bono's cold, which later turns out to be the 'flu.

"October" tour - october 18, 1981. U2 perform in Bristol, England at the Locarno. Support is "Comsat Angels".

"The Unforgettable Fire" tour - october 18, 1984. U2 perform in Lyon, France at the Espace Tony Garnier. U2 open with "MLK", and the song is drowned out by the crowds cheering. However, the band quickly realize that the crowds are used to U2 storming the stage. The setlist is a mix of new songs, with older songs occasionally mixed. The French crowd seems unsure of the new "U2" and at the end of the night, the band hears booing amongst the people singing "40". For the next date, in Marseille, France on October 19, 1984, the set list is completely revamped.

"ZOOTV" tout - october 18, 1992. U2 perform in Kansas City, Missouri at Arrowhead Stadium. At the soundcheck, U2 perform a few new songs, including a grungy type number with heavy guitar and drums. Bono also performs a new acoustic piece and performs "Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses" acoustically. At that evening "The Sugarcubes", who have replaced Big Audio Dynamite II, introduce themselves with "We are the Icecubes from Sugarland!". Tonight is celebrated Belly Dancer Morleigh Steinberg's birthday, and during "Mysterious Ways", Bono presents her with a birthday cake. The crowd join in for a round of "Happy Birthday". The ZooTV Video Confessionals include an adopted girl who wonders if her biological parents are in the crowd. Support is B.P. Fallon, "The Sugarcubes", and "Public Enemy".

Bono hosts dinner for Nobel Peace Prize winner Hume - october 18, 1998 - Bono hosts a dinner at his home for Nobel Peace Prize winner John Hume, who attends with his wife. Also present are many Irish entertainment celebrities, including Adam, Edge, and Paul McGuinness.

Bono visits The Hill - october 18, 2005. On an off-day before two shows in Washington, DC, Bono meets with House and Senate democrats on Capitol Hill today, reportedly urging the politicians to fund the U.S.'s commitments to poverty, AIDS, and Africa.

Photo of Bono and Pope John Paul II (wearing Bono´s sunglasses) appear - October 18, 2005 - From the book 'Do zobaczenia w raju' by Arturo Mari, photographer of Pope John Paul II. The book´s title means "See you in paradise" and was publised last Saturday in this Polish journal. Look for the photo, here

U2 won Best Single for 'Vertigo' - October 18, 2005 - Vertigo Tops Digital Awards - Vertigo was named 'Best Single' at Digital Music Awards in London. The Awards 'celebrate the way you listen to, watch, download, and enjoy your favourite music and artists online, on your mobile, via digital radio and on interactive TV.'

Bono today in the Court (Nana Mouskouri) - October 18, 2006 - Dublin - Bono told he looked like singer Nana Mouskouri before Lola Ca$$hman joined the team, but look here the real Nana Mouskouri. thesun

U2 Launch Internet Scavenger Hunt for 'U218' Lyrics - October 18, 2006 - U2 prepared to launch a worldwide internet competition called "Hunt the Lyric," in which fans looked for hidden lyrics on various web sites for a chance to win an all expenses paid trip to Hawaii to see the final show of the Vertigo Tour with special guests, Pearl Jam. In the competition, which runs for two weeks beginning Monday (Oct. 23), fans use clues posted on U2.com to locate hidden lyrics from the band's forthcoming album, U218, on various websites. Each lyrical excerpt have one letter highlighted, and fans had to collect all letters and use them to answer a specific question. Those with the correct answer entered to win the trip. Participating sites were listed on U2's site and a winner was announced Nov. 6.

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